Bin Store Misting System, Bournemouth

The fire suppression system brief

We were called on by our client to install a fire suppression system to their bin store. This had been highlighted in a recent fire risk assessment carried out by Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue, as there were concerns that, if a fire started in the bin store, it could rise up the bin chute and affect other areas of the building.

Designing and Installing the System

We designed, installed, and commissioned an Autoquench AQ2000 bin room fire suppression system.

This system can be fitted to the building’s cold water supply and provides one nozzle for each bin, to efficiently target and suppress fires.

Why are bin store misting systems important?

Bin stores in high-rise buildings can pose a significant fire risk. If a fire were to break out inside a bin store, it could spread up the rubbish chute and reach people’s homes. Sadly, bin stores are a common target for arson attacks, so it’s crucial to ensure you provide adequate fire protection.

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