Residential Fire Sprinkler System Installation in Poole

The fire sprinkler system brief

South Coast Fire Sprinklers was contacted by a client we have worked with previously to design, supply, install and commission a BS 9251 residential sprinkler system to three new build dwellings. The fire sprinklers were needed in order to help the buildings comply with firefighting access issues and the Building Regulations Fire Safety Approved Document B.

Installing the system

As part of our service, which aims to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we held a close consultation with the client to ensure we fully understood their needs. We also assessed the buildings and made our recommendations for a system that was not only effective and compliant, but attractive and discreet to help maintain the modern interior of each property. Working closely with the developer in this way also serves to ensure that the fire sprinkler systems were designed to meet all of the requirements of Fire safety: Approved Document B.

Once building control had approved our proposal, we carried out the installation of a category 1 fire sprinkler system to the three new build homes. A category 1 sprinkler system is the standard system used for most domestic dwellings and requires a minimum water flow rate of 60 litres per minute. The fire sprinkler systems we designed are supplied by fire pumps and we installed a total of 52 fire sprinkler heads to the three homes along with four water tanks in each property’s loft space.

The result

The client was delighted with the fire sprinkler systems we installed in each dwelling as well as our workmanship and customer service. Installing sprinklers in a home not only helps the developer meet all relevant regulations but also gives future buyers the added reassurance of increased fire safety.

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