Residential sprinkler system in Adastral Square, Poole

Recently, a group of property developers reached out to South Coast Fire Sprinklers looking to use our services. They were overseeing the construction of nine one-bedroom flats in Adastral Square, Poole, and needed a Category 2 residential sprinkler system designed, supplied, and installed in them. The system had to comply with the BS 9251:2021 standards and meet the requirements outlined in the fire strategy report they provided for the development.

Our IFC certified team have installed fire sprinkler systems in hundreds of similar properties throughout the South, so we were more than ready to take on the challenge. Read on to discover the steps we followed throughout the process!

What we did

We began by surveying the block of flats and speaking to the developers about their specific requirements. After careful planning, we proposed a design that would provide comprehensive fire protection coverage for each of the nine flats.

We then moved onto fabricating the fire sprinkler system, working closely with the developer to make sure the system would meet all the stringent requirements outlined in the fire strategy report.

Once the developers were happy with the system, we began the process of installing it throughout the flats. We fitted 48 Rapidrop RD208 sprinkler heads, each supplied by a boosted mains water supply through an AquaGuard fire pump kit installed nearby. We also installed 7 valve sets from Application Engineering to control the water flow within the system.

We finished by connecting the entire system to a fire and fault monitoring system. This provided an extra layer of security – should a fire break out when no one is around to hear the alarm, the fire department will still be alerted immediately. Such monitoring can be crucial for minimising damage and safeguarding lives.

The end result

Now that the sprinkler system is up and running, the developers can feel confident that the property meets all necessary regulations, and the tenants can have peace of mind knowing their new homes are safe and well-protected against the risk of fire.

Protect your home, business, or rental property with South Coast Fire Sprinklers! With years of experience and a proven track record of satisfied customers, you can trust us to install and maintain the exact system your property needs – residential or commercial, big or small.

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