South Coast Fire Sprinklers are here to educate and debunk popular myths about fire sprinkler systems.

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debunked myths

Common myths about fire sprinklers that are not true

They cause water damage

Tests have shown that damage caused by water on an extinguished fire is substantially less than damage caused by the water from a fire brigade hose.

Sprinkler systems will go off accidentally

Research has shown that chances of a sprinkler head accidentally discharging is only a 1 in 16 million. You have a better change of winning the lottery!

Sprinkler heads will leak

Sprinkler systems are under the same pressure as the plumbing system, but are tested at two to three times higher pressure during the installation process.

All sprinklers will activate

Our fire sprinkler systems are designed to react to temperatures in each room individually. It has been proven that usually one sprinkler will control a developing fire.