Fire sprinkler installation

For an expert, hassle free sprinkler installation service, you can count on South Coast Sprinklers. All of our installations are completed by vastly experienced and friendly team members with decades of collective knowledge to ensure the highest standard of completion. To talk to us about your fire sprinkler installation, give the team a call on 01202 731 111.

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Fire sprinkler system installation service

The reliability of a fire sprinkler system is of absolute paramount importance, as when fire strikes, you cannot afford to have any doubts that the system will spring into action. Bringing in passionate and professional installers can give you complete peace of mind about the state of your sprinklers and their effectiveness in your time of need.

The sprinkler pipework will be installed in the ceiling cavity, keeping the system out of sight and out of mind until the moment it’s needed. Water supply will be fed via the mains system in your building, meaning it’s guaranteed to be reliable and safe. If this isn’t possible, we offer the installation of water tanks and fire pumps for an extra fee.

Our team will then cover the sprinkler heads with cover plates that are painted the same colour as the ceiling, to ensure that they don’t detract from your carefully curated aesthetic.

We thoroughly test all of our sprinkler systems upon the completion of installation, checking each welding point for leakages and pressure testing the piping up to 8bars – this means we know once the system is commissioned that everything will run smoothly and avoid costly damages or maintenance.

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Variety of sprinkler systems

Every building has different sprinkling requirements, which is why we stock a range of systems that’ll be sure to offer the option you believe will fit your building best. If you’re struggling with selecting the correct one, South Coast Sprinklers are more than happy to help – it’s vitally important to choose the right system.

Every system is designed in a bespoke fashion that’ll be sure to give your home absolutely maximum coverage, ensuring the safety of the residents and their property. In addition, all of our domestic and residential fire sprinklers are designed, supplied and installed to comply with the BS 9251.

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South Coast Fire Sprinklers for your bespoke fire prevention system installation

South Coast Sprinklers are a vastly experienced team with absolute confidence that we can fulfill your fire prevention needs to an impeccable standard. We have years of collective knowledge in an industry that relies on reliability and quality workmanship as a matter of great importance. Why not give our friendly team a call today – on 01202 731111.

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