How well do fire sprinklers work?

A study by the National Fire Sprinkler Network has shown that sprinklers are 99% effective; if you’re wondering how well fire sprinklers work, that’s pretty conclusive evidence!

In this article, we’ll take a more detailed look at just how effective fire sprinklers are and discuss whether it’s worth installing them in your home.

How do Fire Sprinklers Work?

To understand how well fire sprinklers work, it’s useful to understand how the fire sprinkler mechanism functions in the first place.

Fire sprinklers are temperature sensitive. Unlike smoke alarms, they respond to the heat of a fire as opposed to smoke or other secondary factors.

When the temperature above a sprinkler reaches approximately 60 – 70°C, which would only happen in the event of a fire, the sprinkler will activate.

The sprinklers closest to the fire will activate, as that is where the heat will be greatest. This allows them to contain the fire without the entire sprinkler system activating unnecessarily.

How Well Do Fire Sprinklers Work (and Are They Worth Installing)?

Fire sprinklers are worth installing; they have been shown to limit the ferocity of fires and reduce fire damage.

As mentioned, a recent study has demonstrated that sprinklers are able to control or extinguish fires in 99% of cases, meaning they make a dramatic difference in combatting the threat caused by fire.

In terms of fire damage, the same study shows that when sprinklers are fitted fires do not spread as much, or cause as much damage.

The research demonstrated that in residential properties with sprinklers, fires cause approximately ¼ of the damage that would be caused without sprinklers.

The Benefits of Fire Sprinklers

There are many benefits of installing fire sprinklers. Besides from the efficacy of sprinklers, and their ability to limit fire damage (as mentioned above), here are some additional benefits:

  • Fire sprinklers offer properties 24/7 protection – they can protect against fire even if no-one is present.
  • Fire sprinklers increase the chance of getting out of a fire – because sprinklers limit the spread and ferocity of fires, they provide more opportunity to escape.
  • Fire sprinklers can help limit overall property damage – because only the sprinklers closest to the fire will be activated, they can help limit water damage as well as fire damage.
  • Unlike many fire prevention/warning systems, fire sprinklers don’t tend to get falsely triggered. They also can’t be triggered by smoke, steam or aerosols.

Install Fire Sprinklers in Your Property

Evidence shows that fire sprinklers work extremely well. They are highly effective and offer a range of benefits – they control fires, limit fire damage and offer round-the-clock protection.

Residential properties can benefit from fire sprinklers, and they increase the chances of people being able to escape from a building if there is a fire.

At South Coast Fire Sprinklers, we specialise in installing sprinkler systems based on the requirements of your property, ensuring that you get the most effective solution for a competitive price.

Our specialised team are trained to help you find the right sprinkler, guiding you through the process and carrying out expert installation for your peace of mind. We also offer sprinkler monitoring, to ensure that everything continues working smoothly.

Contact us for a quote or give us a call on 01202 731111 to discuss your requirements.

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