South Coast Fire Sprinklers are sponsoring Dexter Sports Youth FC u10s!

South Coast Fire Sprinklers are proud to be the new sponsors of Dexter Sports Youth FC U10s Liger team!

Dexter Sports Youth FC are an affiliated Dorset FA grassroots football club in Poole. Since being founded in 1975, the club has grown to become a Charter Standard club offering football from ages 4 to 16, including Ability Counts and Walking Football teams.

The club provides local youth with the chance to play football outside of school, helping them get fit, build friendships, and develop valuable teamwork skills. Their teams play in the Dorset Youth Football league (DYFL), Dorset Mini-Soccer League (DSML), as well Dorset Cup and Dorset Youth Football Cup competitions. We are sponsoring their Liger team, one of five U10 teams.

The club’s owners and coaches are dedicated to promoting the love of the game, no matter the skill level. They focus on emphasising fun, personal development, and self discipline rather than winning at all costs. Parents are encouraged to watch games and get involved in social events, further supporting the club and the young people within it.

We’re proud to be helping support the upkeep and running of the club, and we wish the Ligers the best of luck in their future matches!

Dexter Sports Youth Fc U10s Liger Team Min

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