We are CHAS accredited

We’re proud to be CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) accredited contractors, which means we have proven that we consistently demonstrate excellent risk management and health and safety standards.

What is CHAS accreditation?

CHAS helps us, as contractors, to ensure compliance at all times and mitigate risks when working. As part of being accredited by CHAS, we complete annual assessments, have access to learning resources, and keep up to date with changing industry standards.

Safe, reliable service

Not only does CHAS accreditation mean that we have achieved the high levels of health and safety management required by the scheme, but we are committed to annual assessments to ensure that we continue to maintain those standards.

CHAS accreditation is earned by contractors who consistently demonstrate exceptional health and safety standards, which means that when you work with us, you can rest assured that your fire sprinkler system installation is in safe, reliable hands.

We believe that all our certifications and accreditations are a testament to our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of knowledge and service.

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Fire sprinklers are important in all types of properties, whether it be your home or your business. Having a fire sprinkler system installed helps to reduce the risk of fire-related death or damage to your property.

At South Coast Fire Sprinklers, our experienced team offers reliable, professional sprinkler installation. Get in touch with us on 01202 731111 for a free no-obligation quote. We will work with you to design and supply a bespoke fire sprinkler system to meet your requirements.

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