Why install a fire sprinkler system?

Fires are more common than most people realise, and it usually takes very little to start a serious one. Indeed, all it takes is some faulty wiring in the house, or just a few seconds of inattention with a when using a gas cooker or even a candle. The fact is accidents happen, but these sorts of accidents have the potential to lead to tragedy, not just due to the risk of physical health and death but also the emotional and financial stress of losing personal belongings. Fortunately, the risk of this happening can be gravely minimised – with the use of a fire sprinkler system. Here are some reasons why you might consider installing fire sprinklers in your home or commercial building.

Save lives

Above anything else, the most important reason why you should consider installing fire sprinklers is because they significantly reduce the risk of death in the event of a fire, saving the lives of those that get caught up in it. Research has found that properties that use both fire alarms fire sprinkler systems reduce the risk of fire related death by 82%.

They react to heat, not smoke

Many people fear that if they installed fire sprinklers in their property, they would be set off by smoke from cooking or smoke from cigarettes, causing an unwanted shower – however this is simply not true. Contrary to popular belief, fire sprinkler systems are not triggered by smoke, they are triggered by heat. While smoke detectors react to smoke, fire sprinklers are designed to react to heat. This means that a sprinkler will only go off if there is sufficient heat to trigger it – and the levels of heat required to trigger a sprinkler can only be achieved by real fire.

Water damage is minimal

Whilst water from a fire engine hose will usually cause damage to a property, sprinkler systems installed in properties only use a minimum amount of water, meaning less damage will be caused when they go off in the event of a fire, reducing risk of damage to personal belongings and property.

Relatively inexpensive

Relative to the cost of recovering from a property fire – a cost which can be life-changing in most instances – the cost of installing a sprinkler system can be surprisingly affordable, though it does of course depend on the type of sprinkler system, and the size and location of a property.

Minimal maintenance

For the most part, fire sprinkler systems require little maintenance and they typically continue running smoothly with only their annual maintenance check. Most installers also offer maintenance checks once or twice a year where they will test the value so see how the system is operating.

Fire sprinklers are important in all types of properties, whether it be your home or your business. Having a fire sprinkler system installed helps to reduce the risk of death and damage to your property. Here at South Coast Fire Sprinklers we offer professional sprinkler installation. Get in touch with us on01202 731111 and we’ll work with you to design and supply fire sprinklers systems to meet any bespoke requirements and we offer free no obligation quotes!

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